‘Solar panels meant Extraenergy overcharged me £800’

In August 2015 I had 10 solar panels fitted to my garage roof and, although a customer of Extraenergy for both electricity and gas supplies, I have been receiving “feed-in tariff” payments for the electricity generated by my panels from British Gas. This is because Extraenergy is not party to the feed-in tariff scheme.

In 2017 Extraenergy questioned the electricity meter readings that I had supplied and it became apparent that sometimes the meter was running backwards owing to the solar panels generating more electricity than was being consumed and the excess being fed back to the grid.

Extraenergy decided to change my electricity meter for a different type and the meter exchange was subcontracted. Somewhat confusingly the “new” meter was in fact a previously used one which, rather than reading zero, actually read 10477.

The reading on the old meter was 86560. This was written by the engineer on a card and nailed to the back of the meter box. He informed me that he would pass this information on to Extraenergy.

In the invoice of April this year I noticed that, although Extraenergy had the correct readings, it was using one of 91803 for the old meter rather than the correct reading of 86560.

I hope you will be able to break the deadlock, as I have been unable to.

Joan Crawford, Hants

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