Portuguese actress excluded from Globo criticizes Lula in Lisbon: “The greatest thief”

Maria Vieira says she was removed from ‘Travessia’ because she is a Bolsonarista and now associates the channel with a hypothetical election irregularity

Present in the soap operas “Negócio da China” and “Aquele Beijo”, and in the series “Brasil a Bordo” by Globo, the actress Maria Vieira used Facebook to demonstrate against Lula’s visit to her country, Portugal.

“For the first time in several decades, I will take to the streets on April 25, not to commemorate that day of bad memory for so many thousands of Portuguese who have had their lives destroyed and who have seen their country consumed by socialism and communism. , (…) but rather to protest against the arrival of the greatest thief in the history of Brazil – Inácio Lula da Silva,” he wrote.

In another part of the post, the artist criticized the Prime Minister of Portugal and the Marinho family television channel.

“… a visit that has been entreated and promoted (as well as largely financed with taxes from Portuguese taxpayers) by the lying, incompetent and corrupt government of António Costa who appears to venerate the ex-con pushed to the presidency of Brazil, fruit of an electoral process defrauded by the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court with the massive collaboration of the majority of the Canaanite ‘media’, led by TV Globo!”

Maria Vieira is a municipal deputy of Chega, the right-wing party that organized the protest against the Brazilian president held in front of the Assembly of the Republic, in Lisbon, this Tuesday (25). In the gallery, the PT speech was interrupted by shouts from Conservative MPs.

In June 2022, the actress accused Globo of having cut her from the cast of ‘Travessia’ for ideological reasons: she has always been a supporter of Jair Bolsonaro, the notorious enemy of the Rio broadcaster. The role of Inácia was entrusted to another Portuguese, Noemia Costa.

In an interview with Sala de TV in January last year, Maria Vieira commented on the impact of political activism on her artistic career.

“Obviously I feel discriminated against and I think this discrimination is all too obvious considering that after I publicly came out as a conservative and right-wing actress and woman, I just quit working and started being ostracized.”

Source: Terra