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Better to be patient: why Meryem Uzerli in Cannes forbade cleaning her room

Not only moviegoers, directors and actors are waiting for the Cannes Film Festival, but also someone else. And because of these people, poor Meryem Uzerli is forced to be constantly on alert.

The Turkish press reports that the unexpected visit to the Cannes Film Festival has become a real ordeal for Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli, adored by Russians. She’s been at the 76th festival since day one, and all the while the actress feverishly clutches her cell phone, which she carries on a hidden cord, does not carry cash, and strictly forbids anyone, including the hotel staff, to enter her home. in the room even as part of a scheduled cleaning.


The reason is very prosaic – the French Riviera has always become a haven for thieves at important social events, but this year, according to insiders, there are especially many thefts, and the festival’s security service does not can’t do anything about it. In order not to cause scandals, the stars do not discuss this issue, and everyone solves it in their own way.

A source close to Meryem shared the star’s experiences with Takvim – Uzerli, unlike many colleagues who walk the red carpet in designer jewelry, brought her own gold and diamonds to Cannes, and is very worried about their safety. Therefore, she decided to independently maintain cleanliness in the room and officially forbade the administration to let anyone in, including the maid. And then you will not find the end!

Meryem also refused cash for the duration of her stay on the French Riviera and uses the payment system on her phone. For which I started a special case on a chain – it allows you to always keep the gadget with you and at least slightly reduce the risk of losing it. Only to pose on the red carpet, Uzerli gives a mobile assistant…

Certainly, the interpreter of the role of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska follows the good advice of her Turkish colleagues. Last year, at the Cannes Film Festival, actor Erkan Petekkay had his smartphone stolen in the middle of the event (to the delight of photographers, Erkan, who was in excellent physical shape, chased the scoundrel, but, alas, did not catch up). And the house rented by Nilperi Shahinkaya was simply “taken away” by thieves, while the actress was enjoying the upcoming premiere and not realizing that she was left without jewelry, equipment and expensive shoes and bags.

Source: The Voice Mag

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