Adele reveals she suffers from coffee withdrawal symptoms: ‘Harder than quitting’

Singer reported having tremors and migraines: ‘Like I have a drill in my head’

Adele revealed that he has been suffering from tremors and intense migraines since he stopped drinking coffee. The singer reported that giving up caffeine was more difficult than quitting smoking and drinking alcohol.

The statements were made during his residency show at The Colosseum concert venue, Caesars Palace hotel and casino, in Las Vegas and released by The Sun. In between songs, he said:

“I’ve decided to stop it for now and have been having migraines all week. I’ve had a nagging headache for two days because I stopped. My head was pounding. It was like there was a drill in there, it was too heavy. “

“It was harder than quitting, harder than when you want to stop drinking. I’m sick of these withdrawal symptoms, but I’m not giving up. So if you see me shaking, don’t worry. Don’t worry. ” , commented the artist.

Later, Adele said that performing for fans helps deal with withdrawal symptoms. “I’m not giving up. Yesterday I drank 25 decaffeinated coffees to trick my brain into thinking I was drinking coffee. Caffeine and adrenaline must be my thing, because the moment I step on stage and you sing along with me the my anguished head disappears. Finally some relief,” she said.

Source: Terra