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Celebrity dentist: Death has been deemed suspicious and will be investigated

Authorities requested tests from the Legal Medical Institute (IML) and the Criminalistics Institute

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Rafa Puglisior celebrity dentist, died on Monday 18th. The death was confirmed by his family. In a statement, the Public Security Secretariat of São Paulo specified that the case was registered as a “suspicious death”.

According to the delegate Ednelson de Jesus, in charge of the investigation, the officers who intervened on the case found bloodstains near the victim and in the upper part of a room, i.e. on the balcony. “The family is in mourning. We will hear from them later out of respect… There is no crime, but the circumstances will be investigated,” the police chief told the newspaper. The globe.

What happened to Raffaello Puglisi

Military Police were called to respond to an incident dentist who had had an accident around 8am, on the Alameda Malbec, in Barueri. At the indicated address the officers found the victim lying lifeless near the swimming pool.

The authorities have therefore requested tests from the Legal Medical Institute (IML) and the Criminalistic Institute (IC) to support the investigations, which will be conducted by the 2nd Prosecutor’s Office of Barueri. In a statement, the family said the accident occurred during Puglisi’s daily exercise.

“Rafa went for his morning swim, as usual, he was at home preparing to go into his pool and dive, like he does every day! But today God wanted this dive to be different and Rafa ended up hitting his head! Doctors tried to resuscitate him, but unfortunately he arrived dead in hospital”, reads the note released to the press.

Over the course of his career, Puglisi He has worked on the teeth of artists such as Jade Picon, Gkay, Deborah Secco, Larissa Manoela, Giovana Ewbank, as well as Whindersson Nunes and Neymar. She had more than four million followers on social media.

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