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The driver who hit Kayky Brito wants to run for city councilor in Rio de Janeiro

Diones Coelho gained hundreds of thousands of followers after car crash with celebrity; Since then, he has raised money from a fundraiser to buy a new vehicle, produces advertisements and does facial matching

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Diones Coelho, the driver who hit Kayky Brito, plans to run for city councilor in Rio de Janeiro in 2024. He said he is already in contact with “influential people” about this possibility. But he doesn’t mention any party.

“Yes, I intend to run in the next elections, in Rio de Janeiro. There is a lot to do. This will be formalized later,” he said. He also said he had already rejected “several proposals of an extremely high financial nature”.

The announcement took place on his Instagram profile, answering questions from his followers. Since the incident with Kayky, in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, on September 2, Diones has gained notoriety on the networks.

On Instagram he has more than 180 thousand followers, he managed to raise funds of R$ 184 thousand, with the aim of buying a new car to work as an app driver; he negotiates the advertising on the profile and also takes care of the facial harmonization.

Who's who in Kayky Brito's family
Who’s who in Kayky Brito’s family

He was carrying a woman and her 10-year-old daughter in the accident on September 2, provided assistance at the scene and called the fire brigade. Weeks later, the Civil police From Rio de Janeiro concluded the investigation into the actor’s collision and reported that the driver would not be charged for the accident. According to the investigations, he was below the permitted speed limit and helped Kayky, as required by law.

History of Diones

Source: Terra

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