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From marital crisis to pregnancy? Antonela Rocuzzo raises pregnancy suspicions after turbulent wedding rumors

Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo are expecting a new child. Find out what motivated the rumor in the international press:

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In the last weeks, Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo they faced separation rumors. According to the international press, the the couple would experience a crisisand because of a the player’s relationship with an Argentine journalist. Once the rumors have passed, the family now faces another controversy.

It all started after Internet users were surprised by the poses of the latter photos published by Antonela on social media. The businesswoman’s more than 38 million followers suspected that she was also trying to hide her bellyBruna Biancardi before the announcement Mavie’s pregnancy (take a look in the gallery above).

At least in the last five photos published, Antonela appears with her belly hidden. Also, in the last appearance public, in a Disney parkshe wore thick clothes, making it impossible to see the shape of her belly.

Messi and Antonela dream of having a girl

Messi and Antonela are parents of three boys: Thiago, ten, Mateo, seven and Ciro, four. The family has never hidden their desire to try for a girl. Will she go now?

In the comments on Anto’s publications, Internet users are already commenting on the poses created.

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