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After almost being robbed live, the journalist suffers an attempted Internet scam

Ju Massaoka posted a message on his networks to inform friends and followers of the scam

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A journalist Juliane Massaoka32 years old, published on Saturday afternoon, 9, a screenshot of his mobile phone screen with a message alerting his network of a coup attempt. “They pretend to be me”Giuliana wrote.

Juliane warned family, friends and followers not to make deposits or share information with scammers.

The coup attempt came a day after the journalist was almost robbed during a live appearance on the programme Meeting with Patricia Poetafrom TVGlobo.

At that moment, the journalist was on Avenida Paulista, in Sao Paulo, to talk about the 102 years of the famous tourist attraction. At one point, a cyclist approached and attempted to snatch the cell phone from the journalist’s hands. She managed to keep the device. The entire action was recorded by the cameraman who was with her.

Source: Terra

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