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After getting back together, Susana Werner announces the end of her marriage to Julio Cesar

According to the businesswoman, she and the former Brazilian national team goalkeeper have been separated for a month

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The actress and entrepreneur Susana Werner announced on Sunday 10th the end of her marriage with the former Brazilian national team goalkeeper Julio Cesar. The two had been together for 21 years.

“Yes, we have been separated for a month, but the marriage has not existed for many years. And yes, I am very calm and determined. Thank you for so much affection, I don’t regret anything! A good Cancer woman would do it all over again. Maybe with younger hahaha so now I just want to have fun”, he wrote in the stories on his Instagram profile.

After getting back together, Susana Werner announces the end of her marriage to Julio Cesar

He later said he plans to keep a diary of a future separation. “Here there is no time for sadness, no. For me, crying lasts a night, just like that song. I haven’t been separated for a month. A month in which I am calm and happy, I don’t seem to like it, but it’s like this. I’m working a lot, focusing on myself, focusing on my things. And I’ll tell you a little bit about my future separation diary. You have to take everything slow, guys […] It must be nice to be alone. I’m starting to like it here, I no longer remember what it was like to live for myself. Everything has a silver lining in life,” she said.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the messages. I will never play the victim, I am not a poor person. I am a strong, happy, working person, who helps others, and I am a person of God. I don’t need nothing else in this life, not even of a man,” he added.

In May this year Susana had already announced her separation from Julio Cesar, but the two resumed their relationship two days later. She and the former goalkeeper have two children together: Cauet, 20, and Giulia, 18.

Reflection on social media

At the end of November, Susana reflected on the betrayal on social media and left her followers intrigued by the message.

In a video, he said that a person who cheats, cheats on himself. “That boy deceived you, he betrayed you, he betrayed his family, his children, he set a bad example for his daughter. It wasn’t you who was betrayed, it was him. That boy betrayed himself, the his own family, his own finances, he has betrayed God, he is the one who loses everything, not you,” he reflected.

Subsequently, the entrepreneur left some advice so that women can focus more on their lives: “Women, be strong, focus on yourself, find things to occupy your mind, work, prosper, be good people. There is no need to pay with your money.” same coin. It will hurt, but it will pass, because God frees and you follow. Follow, but focus on yourself.”

Source: Terra

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