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Sabrina Sato wears a blood flow inspired costume to parade at the RJ Carnival

A look full of sparkles in shades of red was released by Sabrina Sato on social media


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Sabrina Sato gave a spoiler of her costume for the Vila Isabel fashion show at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in the early hours of this Tuesday 13th. In shades of red and full of shine, the look is inspired by blood flow. The samba school parades this morning with a samba by Martinho da Vila, “Gbala, Viagem ao Templo da Criação”.

“Entering Sapucaí is sacred. I want to say a big thank you to the people who have already been here, for all this unique energy. I’m very excited,” Sabrina said before entering the avenue.

On social media, Sabrina wrote about the costume: “I vibrate to the constant rhythm of our Swingueira de Noel drums! I am the Blood Current that nourishes our body and makes our heart beat! Let’s take the avenue, as the blood takes the veins! Gbalá is to save, to save. And the child, Oxalá Gbalá’s hope, saves, saves. The child is Oxalá’s hope, let’s dream.”

Sabrina Sato parades in Vila Isabel wearing a blood costume

The styling was done by Pedro Sales and the designer who designed the clothes is Henry Filho.

This year, Unidos da Vila Isabel republished a 1993 story about the importance of children for a better world. Furthermore, the plot tells an ancestral story, from the point of view of religions of African origin.

The samba school will also talk about the creation of man and the relationship with the world and nature.

Source: Terra

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