Guta Stresser Says Multiple Sclerosis Has “Changed My Patience With Myself”

“Maybe I needed a disease in my life, a diagnosis like that, to be able to hug me,” said the actress.

Guta Stresser, the child of The large family, gave details on how she received the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. In an interview with Fantastic the actress also talked about the changes in her routine and her living with the disease.

“I think everything has changed. It’s because there are so many things, from things like being careful when going down stairs, that I’ve always been a thrower, that gives everything. And now I’m already afraid of getting hurt.” started.

“If I’m going to talk about something that has changed, you know, I’d say, have patience with myself,” he added. She guta revealed that, after being diagnosed, she became less self-critical of herself.

“I’ve always charged myself too much. I’ve always demanded too much assertiveness, productivity and everything, because we want to be perfect. And I stopped charging myself. I started looking at myself with different eyes, with much more affection for myself. Maybe I needed one. disease in my life, of such a diagnosis to make me hug, “he explained.

The full interview will air this Sunday, 26, the Globe.

Source: Terra