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Does Maisa have silicone? The artist’s transparent look raises doubts among internet users and the former SBT star responds. Watch!

One Internet user was curious about Maisa’s body. With good humor, the former SBT star answered whether or not she has silicone in her breasts!

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Transparency has become one of the biggest trends among celebrities in early 2024. While some artists are invest in total nudity and leaving the breasts exposed, others maintain a more “modest” line, investing in lingerie or bikinis underneath, what is the case with Maisa?. But what also sparked curiosity among Internet users was whether her breasts are natural or not.

Does Maisa have silicone on her breasts?

The photos of Maisa with the transparent look were taken during the former SBT presenter’s trip during Holy Week to São Miguel dos Milagres, in Alagoas. To complete the look, the presenter invested in a shoulder bag from the Ferragamo brand. The accessory is valued at almost R $ 16,000.

“Silicone or natural?” asked a fan on X, formerly Twitter. He made a point of clarifying: “I don’t have silicone, no.” Then, a fan remembered the “busy and stuck-up” meme, but Maísa admitted that she currently considers herself more of an “arrogant ass”. “Don’t doubt, I’ve waited 20 years for mine [bunda] decide to appear,” he said.

Discover Maisa’s style in our photo gallery!

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