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Madonna in Brazil: Copacabana Palace charges R$11,000 per night, bans visitors and closes the floor

The space that hosts the queen of pop is in front of the place where the historic show will take place; the walkway connects the stage to the hotel


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To see the queen of pop in action this Saturday 4th, in Rio de Janeiro all you need to do is wear some clothes and flip-flops and, who knows, pay R$7.50 for the subway to Copacabana Beach. However, there are those who are willing to scratch their pockets to get even closer Madonna. In the week that the singer stays at the Copacabana Palace for the historic show, bookings go up to R$11,000, well above what is charged on common dates.

Anyone who stopped looking for a place in one of Brazil’s most famous hotels during the week of Madonna’s show was shocked when they opened the reservations tab on the Copacabana Palace’s official website. This is because interested parties will no longer be able to book a room for the weekend of the show. March 3rd and 4th are already full.

On the other hand, it is still possible to stay in a hotel while the queen of pop is there. The would-be guest needs only one thing: a lot of money in the account or a high limit on the credit card to experience this moment. The reason is the increase in booking prices for one of the busiest weeks of the year at the Palace.

On the hotel’s official website, a night’s stay between April 30 and May 1 costs from R$5,500. The 30 m² room with space for up to three people is the most affordable option among the five offered by the company. The most expensive alternative costs R$11,252. The luxury suite with sea view is 60 m², has a balcony and even a living room.

Madonna at the window of her suite at the Copacabana Palace, in Rio de Janeiro

It’s no secret that the Copacabana Palace is a luxury hotel and charges a lot of money for its guests. However, the Madonna effect has worsened the value of reserves. Compared to the first weekend of June, the price charged for the dates on which the queen of pop stays is almost double.

Between June 1st and 2nd, the same room that in the estimate made on Tuesday 30th costs R$ 5,500, can be booked for R$ 3,611. Accommodation costs just over R$11,000 for the first week of May, reaching R$5,488.

Restrictions for guests

The bad news is that, even if you’re willing to pay a lot of money to be closer to Madonna, the meeting is unlikely to happen. This is because the hotel establishes a series of restrictions for common guests when welcoming an artist of the Queen of Pop’s caliber into its accommodation.

A source heard from Earth informed that security is very limited, aiming for the comfort and integrity of the artist. The sixth and top floor, where the presidential suites are located, is usually where celebrities stay during their stay. In Madonna’s case it was no different.

Stage of the singer Madonna's show PHOTO: Pedro Kirilos/Estadão

To stay there without being disturbed, it is customary for the entire floor to be closed to the artist during the days he stays at the hotel. The employees who have the most access to the stars are the bellhops – the ones who pick up and carry bags to rooms – and butlers.

According to the source, butler service is provided exclusively on the sixth floor. This is another factor that helps the artist’s privacy and makes it difficult for other guests to come into contact with him, since the perk does not require the celebrity to frequent the Palace’s restaurants.

They can’t be on the same floor, they don’t go to the restaurant… And do you find Madonna in the pool? The answer is no. For the artist, in fact, the relaxation area shared between guests is not necessary. This is because the sixth floor, where the presidential suite is located, has a private swimming pool, named Blackpool.

Red light for ‘passers-by’

On normal weeks it is possible to access the Copacabana Palace without necessarily staying in the luxury hotel. Those interested can, for example, book a table in one of the three restaurants in the space. However, the presence of so-called “passers-by” at the Palace during events is often prohibited.

A walkway will connect the Copacabana Palace Hotel to the backstage of the passage of the Madonna

“During these events in the hotel, almost every day, passage is prohibited. These are people who come to visit us without having made a reservation. Sometimes, depending on the size of the event, they don’t even allow reservations” , the source explained.

Madonna will walk the catwalk

It is possible that the only time the Madonna appears “in grace” in the common areas of the Copacabana Palace is to cross the walkway that connects the hotel to the main stage of the tour’s closing show. The celebration tour.

The facility was used in the Palace’s 100th anniversary show hosted by DJ Okay, also on Copacabana beach. Present during the event was the source listened to by Earth detailed the route the artist took: “To get there, he walked through the main corridor of the hotel, approached the Pérgula Restaurant, continued walking along a path around the main pool and went up one side that led directly to the walkway .”

Madonna in Copacabana: stage and catwalk for the singer’s show are set up in RJ:

    Madonna in Copacabana: stage and catwalk for the singer's show set up at RJ

    Madonna in Copacabana: stage and catwalk for the singer’s show set up at RJ


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The reconstruction of Alok’s journey to the beginning of the structure seems difficult to imagine for those who have never been to the Copacabana Palace. However, it is not something that stakeholders need to worry about. It guarantees that even at this time curious guests will not be able to spy on the artist.

The reason is that hotel security usually clears the space before the star passes. “The most Alok did was touch some people’s hands while he was passing through Pérgula,” she said.

Madonna: here are the singer's 6 children
Madonna: here are the singer’s 6 children

Source: Terra

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