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Abandon? Davi opens up and reveals whether he will still go to medicine: ‘I…’

“BBB 24” Champion Davi Breaks His Silence and Opens Up About Medical School

Davide Britochampion of BBB 24, talked about his future as a medical student. After rumors that he had given up on his dream, the new millionaire has broken his silence on the matter.

Live, the Bahian was outraged by the attacks and assured that he will continue with his plan to become a doctor. Davi said he was waiting for contact from the university.

“I’m here and I will continue my life in peace. I will study medicine and become a doctor. For people who say I won’t become a doctor, I’m just waiting for college to call me”start.

And he continued: “When the university calls me and says I can go, I will study and you will say what you want. They will say that Davi has given up, they will create gossip… But I will study, I will graduate and I will become a black man who has managed to achieve the best. I will study, become a doctor and move on with my life.”

Sent a message!

Finally, Davi also sent a message to the “haters” on social media. “So I come here to leave you this message. You can be sure that I will become a doctor and move on with my life. But if you want to continue commenting on the internet and on the gossip pages you can continue… The more we talk, but I continue to live”, I’m shooting.

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