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Belo makes yet another outburst after the separation and confesses: “I’m not well”

After the separation from Gracyanne Barbosa, singer Belo made a new outburst and revealed how he is dealing with the controversial end of the relationship

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Singer Beautiful she opened her heart when talking about the end of her marriage to Gracyanne Barbosa while participating in ‘The Noite’, a television program Danilo Gentilli on the SBT. In the attraction which aired this Friday 5/03, the celebrity revealed that he is not well, but is trying to overcome it.

“It was a beautiful moment that I was experiencing and at the same time sad. 16 years have passed. We will get through it. I’m still not well, but we have to overcome this. I have always been strong. I have gone through adversity in my life, bad moments and God lifted me up,” he said.

Further, Beautiful explained to Gentlemen the reason why he cried during the Soweto show, on the 30th anniversary tour, while singing the song “Reinventar”. He initially stressed that he was excited to set up a stage to sing songs that were successful in the 90s, but he also stressed that he is a romantic man and that he cannot hide when he is going through something.

Personality and bodybuilder: here is Gilson, alleged lover of Gracyanne Barbosa
Personality and bodybuilder: here is Gilson, alleged lover of Gracyanne Barbosa

“I am a very romantic singer, I talk about things that concern love, the heart. I have always had a lot to do with my truth. My audience has a very direct identification with me, because I cannot hide if I am facing any kind of problem. I always bring it on stage,” he confessed.

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