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Nicolas Prattes turns 27 and receives a surprise in the hotel where Madonna is staying

Turning 27, actor Nicolas Prattes received a birthday surprise at the Copacabana Palace, the hotel where Madonna is staying

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Nicolas Prattes turns 27 this Saturday, 05/04, and celebrates in style, together with friends and his girlfriend, Sabrina Sato, at the Copacabana Palace hotel, in Rio de Janeiro. On social media the actor showed off the intimate celebration, confirming that he will spend the big day in the same hotel as him Madonna And.

“Today I turn 27 and I turned 00:00 with the person I love, I woke up at 4 in the morning to film, we had a wonderful day, a birthday surprise on set, I’m here now drinking a coffee and thinking that luck I’m here and how nice it is to surround yourself with those who support you, who are there from one moment to the next, today a unique cycle begins, I will never turn 27 again…”, he began.

Then, the actor underlined: “Thinking like this gives me a crazy desire to live, I thank God for the opportunity to wake up today, do what I love and have the health to be with the real ones.”

As expected, Nicolas received congratulations from celebrities and fans in the comments on the post, but the highlight was the message he left Sabrina Sato, who lives a love story with the birthday boy. “Happy birthday my dear. Let’s celebrate a lot. I hope you can make all your dreams come true and I’m here with you to make it possible!”, wrote the celebrity.

I wait!

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