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Chef Felipe Bronze suffers an armed robbery in Rio de Janeiro: ‘I reacted very badly’

The presenter was injured, but received medical treatment and is fine; her car was taken by criminals and found less than 24 hours later

The chef and the presenter Filippo Bronzo was the victim of a armed robbery last Friday, 12th, in the Vila Isabel neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro. His car was taken by criminals, but found less than 24 hours later by police.

On Instagram, Bronze said he responded to the crime and was injured, but is safe and well. “They stole my car, they hit me on the head. I reacted very badly. It was an ambush, someone hit my rear-view mirror. I just quickly opened the door and was caught. Out of fright, I reacted by trying to disarm the boy,” he said.

The chef said he was shot in the head and had a gun pointed at him. “It was the biggest scare I’ve ever had in my life. Don’t do it,” he warned. He explained that he was going to pick up Grandma to take her to the doctor.

The case was registered at the 20th DP in Rio. Subsequently, Bronzo also went to hospital: “He didn’t need stitches, he just bled a lot. The results of the tomography came out. Everything is fine, the only one. What remains is the fear.”

The next day, the chef said the car was found by police near the Complexo da Maré. The vehicle underwent a forensic examination. A thank you video he created was published on the official profile of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro.

On Saturday evening, the 11th, he recorded a video thanking the public for their love. “The important thing is that I’m fine. Thank you for the incredible network of love and support that I’m receiving on social media, from my friends who have my phone number and send me countless messages,” she said.

Chef Felipe Bronze said he was the victim of a robbery in Rio.

Source: Terra

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