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Juliana Didone apologizes after being criticized for a video about floods in RS; understand

«Tragedy cannot be helped with poetry on the internet, but with true and concrete attitudes. I learned this lesson,” the actress said

The actress Juliana Dido apologized for the video he posted last Friday, the 10th, regarding the floods in Rio Grande do Sul. On that occasion she recorded herself in the shower, asking for help for the victims of the tragedy.

The video quickly went viral and the artist ended up receiving criticism on social media. Shortly after the publication she was deleted from her profile. On Saturday evening, the 11th, she made a series of stories in which she admitted her mistake.

“I am from Rio Grande do Sul and everything that has happened and is happening affects me very emotionally, it affects the people close to me. In the end I completely lost myself in my feelings and I used a language that I often use here on Instagram to communicate “, he said.

“But I understood that it was a completely wrong way to express myself on this extremely serious issue for all of us. Tragedy cannot be helped with poetry on the internet, but with real and concrete attitudes. I learned that lesson,” he continued.

The actress later said she was shocked when she discovered the video had gone viral and was embarrassed when she discovered she was the target of the memes. “But the reality is that I have nothing to comment on, only regret,” she said.

“The great truth is that this discomfort I feel is nothing, it doesn’t even exist compared to the pain of my land and my fellow countrymen, to whom I will continue to direct my attention and my help. Let’s not lose focus on what really matters” , he concluded.

Juliana Didone apologized for a video on RS criticized on social media.

Source: Terra

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