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Pedro Scooby vents after the rescue in RS: ‘Disgusting water with dead people’

The big wave surfer responded to hater criticism and got emotional when he showed off the dog he rescued and brought home! Read Pedro Scooby’s outburst.

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Peter Scooby he volunteered and personally traveled to Rio Grande do Sul to help save the people who lost everything in the tragedy of the largest flood faced by the state.

The big wave surfer spent nearly a week there using his boat and jet ski for the rescue. Despite this, Scooby has been criticized on social media. For some, the athlete decided to travel in exchange for self-promotion.

This Sunday (12th), already in his home in Rio de Janeiro, Cintia Dicker’s husband, also teased by Luana Piovani, used his social networks to let off steam.

First, however, he showed the dog that he had found and saved in the midst of the flood and that he had decided to bring home and adopt. Check out the photos in the gallery above!

‘Disgusting water, with dead people and dead dogs’

Pedro Scooby’s outburst was motivated by comments that the surfer read on social media during the return journey. Among them, some suggested that he only went to the South to appear and receive money from sponsors. In the report, Scooby returns to talk about the drama that all the populations of that region are experiencing.

“I’ll explain something to you: I called Chumbinho [Lucas Chumbo]who was already thinking about it. [E falamos] ‘let’s go’. We recruited our friends, our team, we put our jet skis, our equipment – which is damn expensive – to play. We paid for everything out of our own pocket. We spent money out of our own pocket to go there. We helped attract people from all over Brazil there. And we did it with our heart. We were in disgusting waters, with dead people, with a dead dog, trying to save lives. And we did,” she said.

The surfer explained that the money used to go there to do the rescues comes from sponsors who pay him for the work he does as an athlete. “Thanks to them I have money, I was able to put my equipment at risk and, if I needed it, buy another one. I was able to help several people there. I was able to help in the veterinary field hospital that they are setting up for the rescued animals I was able to help several other entities,” he said.

And he added: “Today, on my way to Rio, a water truck is arriving with 35 thousand cans. It’s the brand I’m a partner of, Mamba Water. I’m proud that we have a project that is bringing us drinking water to places without access .”

Visibly irritated, Scooby warns: “I don’t want anything for myself. I want it for myself through my work, which is riding a giant wave. The rest, everything I can share with others, I want it. Because this is mine essence”.

Source: Terra

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