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Susana Vieira’s ex celebrates the line of customers after opening the empty coffee shop: “I thought about giving up”

Sandro Pedroso has received support from businessmen and celebrities, such as Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano

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The actor Sandro Pedroso, 40 years old, celebrated the success of his snack bar in Goiás on Sunday 12th. Susana Vieira’s ex-boyfriend went viral in recent weeks when she revealed the store was opening without customers. According to him, the place now has a queue of customers in front of the door.

“At the beginning it was difficult. No clients arrived. I thought about giving up, but I didn’t lose faith and I trusted in the Lord, then the victory came. We continued to pray and we began to reap the fruits. Today I have proposals of entrepreneurs to create franchising networks Today there is a queue to eat a blessed snack.”

Sandro Pedroso said he worked in the canteen from 4pm to 3am, cleaning, cooking and also serving tables. “I do everything. It’s a very simple, small thing, but I help where I can, taking care of and serving customers,” he explained in a recent contact with Who.

At the beginning of May Sandro received Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano on site. The country people came to support him.

“Look who came from far away to eat Piá Lanche,” he said Zeze Di Camargo, in a video posted on Instagram. “I came from Sao Paulo, I stopped in Piá Lanches, I filled my belly and I’m here to sing,” she added. Sandro takes advantage of this and asks. “Is the sandwich good?” The compatriot then tries to praise. “Okay. In fact, I’ll take some to Goiânia. I’ll bring some.” Luciano, also present, commented. “As soon as the show ends I want a snack. The best in Anápolis.”

Sandro Pedroso at the inauguration of his snack bar

Sandro Pedroso decided to invest in the food sector with the aim of surviving beyond art, as an acting career can be unstable. “Several of my colleagues are also struggling, they need to work… We don’t have many opportunities on the market. I decided to roll up my sleeves and try…”, he said in a recent interview with Vogue.

Who is Sandro Pedroso

In 2009 Sandro dated the actress Susana Vieira. The two have experienced a relationship full of ups and downs. They broke up for the first time in December 2013. They had a brief reconciliation at the time, but broke up again the following year.

In December 2014 Sandro and Susana gave love a new chance. This time they announced their engagement, but the romance ended in April 2015. Throughout his career, the actor appeared in Fina Estampa (2011), from Globeand several productions from Record TV, such as Deadly Sin (2014) and Genesis (2021). In 2018 you participated in the reality show A Fazenda.

Source: Terra

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