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Camila Queiroz records a tribute to Walcyr Carrasco and creates expectations of reconciliation after the controversy

The actress, who participated in three productions signed by the author, would not have mentioned in her statement a troubled exit from ‘Verdades Secretas 2’

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The first version of Secret truths was released in 2015, but the telenovela is still talked about today. After cutting ties with Walcyr Carrasco after a controversy behind the scenes, Camila Queiroz showed signs of a truce in the relationship. This is because for the tribute the actress would have recorded a statement that will tell the author’s story. The information comes from columnist Carla Bittencourt of News on TV.

Camila’s participation in the tribute could “zero out” any damage in the relationship between the author and the actress. It is worth remembering the troubled departure of the actress before the end of filming Secret Truths II would have been the reason for the breakup.

Despite piquing the public’s curiosity to know what happened, the actress is not expected to bring up the topic during the tribute. This is because the program would aim to celebrate the author and not focus on the controversies.

Even without talking about what happened, Camila has no shortage of topics about her relationship with Walcyr. She was a model when she became an actress when she starred in the iconic Angel, in Secret truths (2015). A year later, in 2016, the artist lived in Mafalda It’s a beautiful worlda serial of six also signed by the author.

Camila Queiroz performed

It wasn’t until 2021 that the second season of Secret truths was released, bringing Angel back to the screen. In addition to Camila Queiroz, other actors who participated in the cast of the telenovela also recorded statements for the tribute. Agata Moreira AND Rainer Fallwho gave birth to Giovanna and Visky, would be some of the confirmed names.

Source: Terra

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