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Belo surprises with a new outburst about the separation from Gracyanne: ‘Just me and her’

The singer Belo opens his heart and returns to talk about the controversies linked to the end of his marriage with the influencer Gracyanne Barbosa

Singer Beautiful He opened his heart and made a new outburst about the latest controversies involving his name. Amid cheating rumors, the celebrity spoke out about the end of her marriage to the influencer Gracyanne Barbosa.

“I have dedicated my very little free time to observing what is happening around me. Surprisingly, I have read intimate stories that have never been mine, I have seen portraits of loves that have never been mine and I have listened to narratives that have never been mine belonged. What exactly have I really experienced? We know, in these 16 years, that they really existed.”start.

And goes on”Now I wait for the world to return to its right course, for right and wrong to return to their rightful place and for truth and lies to meet again in their respective spheres. The world is always turning, no one stops it, but the important thing is that it always turns in the right direction.”

Belo concluded with a reflection: “The miracle happens in silence! I have already experienced it! I am living proof that love Builds and does not Destroy! Gratitude. Have a good weekend everyone”, desired the artist.


Belo surprises with a new outburst on the separation from Gracyanne Barbosa – Reproduction/Instagram

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