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Rodriguinho’s wife says he is a new man: ‘He made him grow’

Rodriguinho’s wife analyzed the singer’s post-reality

Bruna Amaral he experienced the anguish of accompanying his loved one, Rodriguinhoto the BBB 24 for more than 50 days, without being able to interact with him. She told Quem about this intense experience, which also inspired a book written by the pagodeiro.

I think Rodrigo has become a new man in the house. He was already wonderful, but the learning he did there, the experience with people he didn’t know, made him grow a lot as a person, as a human being. He took it out“, assessed Bruna.

She does not regret having defended her husband during the controversies and conflicts of the program. “I also feel very fulfilled as a wife, as a woman, having remained here to defend him and fight. I don’t regret anything, I feel very happy“he also said.

Rodriguinho, according to her, did not want to watch videos or memes about imprisonment. “He didn’t want to see anything related to the video, the meme, those things, we didn’t show him anything, because it wouldn’t add anything to his life. We counted little by little“, explained Bruna.

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