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The romance between ex BBB Lucas and MC Binn’s cousin doesn’t work out and she starts dating a businesswoman: “I was interested in Buddha, but it didn’t work out”

Nina Capelly, MC Binn’s cousin, began a relationship with businesswoman Ketlin Hernandes after her relationship with Lucas Buda did not progress. Find out the details!

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Luca “Budda” He has not another permanent stay! After romance didn’t progress with ex BBB, Nina Capelly She decided to give love another chance and started dating her manager. According to the 27-year-old funk singer, she met her girlfriend seven years ago, but they were only secretly because the partner did not accept bisexuality previously.

Her name is Nina Capelly’s girlfriend Ketlin Hernandez. The young woman is a musical entrepreneur and her first meeting took place when the singer was part of a funk producer who managed the career of MC Binn, her cousin.

Nina Capelly and Ketlin Hernandes -

MC Binn’s cousin comments on romance with Lucas Buda after breakup

Even after saying she’s in love and calling her romance with Lucas “Buda” a “meeting of souls,” Nina says she’s over her ex-BBB. “I thought it was better to respect his moment and stop insisting… and everyone moved on with their lives. I always wish him well, because the Buddha is a wonderful person and deserves all the best,” he told “Quem”.

The funk singer admitted she was hoping to date Lucas Buda, but moved on when she realized a more serious commitment to her wasn’t happening. Camila Moura’s ex-husband: “I was very interested in Buddha, but it didn’t work out. My manager impressed me on her birthday by taking our love story for granted, which before was without commitment.”

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