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Susana Vieira was unhappy with her imitation of Dani Calabresa: “The biggest embarrassment of my life”

Susana Vieira was unhappy with her imitation of Dani Calabresa: “The biggest embarrassment of my life”

The actress explained that she felt “cruelty” in imitating the comedian, who also works at Globo

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The actress Susanna Vieira81 years old, he was unhappy after being imitated by Daniele Calabresaat the age of 42, in mid-2010, when he was singing For love to the domingão Faustão, got the lyrics wrong and showed part of her breasts on national television. According to her, it was the biggest embarrassment of her life.

“I went to record a CD with songs from soap operas I was working on. I chose a very chic repertoire, but I went through a process of exhaustion and became hoarse, “said Susana Vieira, in her biography, Lady of my destinywritten by theater scholar Mauro Alencar and distributed by Globo Livros.

The actress also explained that on the day of the gaffe she was caught by surprise Faustão. The presenter asked her to sing something extemporaneous, for example quoting Per Amore, which is in Italian, while the accompanying song was another. “There was no ballet, no reproduction, nothing… I read badly, I didn’t know how to interpret the music.”

She says that she didn’t like the presenter’s attitude, but that she agreed to the request so as not to create an atmosphere. “It was terrible. To this day I still don’t understand Fausto Silva’s attitude. This was the biggest embarrassment of my life. And what was worse was seeing it become a meme, which hurt me. I was even cruelly imitated by a comedian, who is from the same TV Globo, Daniele Calabresa. There is no way to understand this lack of professional and personal respect. To make matters worse, I felt uncomfortable on my son’s lap and my chest was protruding from my blouse.

In the same excerpt from the book, Susana Vieira regrets the episode with Faustão it had such an impact, that it ended up stifling the promotion of his CD at the time, making it something smaller than it could have been.

OR Earth I tried to contact the Daniele Calabresa on the morning of Tuesday 28th, but there was no response. The space remains open for future placements. On the networks, the comedian’s last posts were in Central Park, in New York, in the United States.

Source: Terra

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