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A 72-year-old woman earns more than R0,000 a month selling adult content

A 72-year-old woman earns more than R$250,000 a month selling adult content

Michelle Hardenbrook said she has earned almost R$1 million since the end of 2023

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A 72-year-old woman reinvented herself during the Covid-19 pandemic and today earns more than R $ 250,000 per month from the sale of adult content. She was previously a prostitute with around 100 clients, Michelle Hardenbrook went through a financial crisis and migrated to the virtual world to continue making profits.

In conversation with the podcast Soft white bellythe woman recalled the moment she decided to sell adult content and underlined that, at the beginning, it wasn’t easy.

According to her, her first videos on OnlyFans had no results. One day, however, a negative response to a video posted on X – formerly Twitter – meant that the content went viral and followers began to appear.

“At the time I only had 239 followers… but the next morning I woke up and my Twitter account had exploded, I had over 2,000 followers. I thought ‘How the hell did this happen?’” the elderly woman said.

Although he had gained some followers and started earning money from the platform, Hardenbrook said that The starting point for success was when, in 2023, a management agency offered to take care of his career.

The old woman currently has two pages on the adult platform and has around 5 thousand paying users. In April this year, for example, she raised 49 thousand dollars (about R $ 253 thousand).

According to Hardenbrook, as of November 2023, he has already done so earned approximately 180 thousand dollars (approximately R$ 930 thousand). She, however, underlined that her relationship with her family is not the best.

Despite this, the lady declared that her life is better than ever: “I am grateful to every man who wants to see me naked,” she added.

Source: Terra

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