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MC Binn reveals feelings for ex BBB Giovanna Lima

MC Binn opened up about her feelings about her former relationship

This Tuesday the 11th MC Binn he decided to open his heart and revealed his feelings Giovanna Limawith whom he had a relationship during BBB 24 (Globe).

An Internet user recovered an excerpt from the funk singer’s participation in a podcast, in which one of the guests talks about his ex-sister and at the same moment Binn’s eyebrow twitches.

“Reality: He won’t go to Yas’s party, because he was afraid that his eyebrows would raise so much when he saw Giovanna and would never return to normal”the person wrote, referring to ‘s birthday Yasmine Brunetwhich will be celebrated tonight.

Binn promptly responded to the Internet user, saying that it’s not nice to joke about the tic on his face.

“Playing with my eyebrows is no joke for your neuroses, thank you, relax and respect me!!! Giovanna’s second fear? Lol at this point? Stop pushing, I feel nothing for her other than respect, just like him others who participated in BBB”, He said.

I wait:

Post MC Binn (Play/Instagram)

Source: Terra

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