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Lexa Denies Serious Dancer Allegations: ‘I Have a Witness’

Lexa Denies Serious Dancer Allegations: ‘I Have a Witness’

After a dancer accused Lexa of asking for her resignation, the singer broke her silence and denied the dancer’s claims

Singer Lexa she was involved in a big controversy this Thursday 04/07, when she was accused by the former dancer of her team. Gabriel Happywhich was also indicated as the linchpin of his separation with MC Dressingaccused the celebrity of asking for his resignation for a project at Globo

After the repercussions of his speech, Lexa He broke his silence and told his version of events to the site Ugo Gloss. In his response, he denied the accusation and said he had witnesses to prove his version.

“I didn’t ask for anyone to be fired, I just asked them not to dance with me. There are other artists who will be performing besides me. I just asked that they not dance with me, because of all the exposure that had already happened, so that what is happening now doesn’t happen,” He said.

And he added: “Shortly after, the production informed me that they had chosen to release him, but that he would receive his salary normally. In other words, he has not lost his money and the doors remain open for him. I reiterate, once again, that I did not ask for anyone to be fired or even to leave the photo. I only asked, out of inconvenience, that he not dance with me when I would sing.

Check out Gabriel’s outburst!

Source: Terra

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