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Meghan Markle’s entry into royal family was bigger crisis than Diana’s death, biographer says

Meghan Markle’s entry into royal family was bigger crisis than Diana’s death, biographer says

Hugo Vickers considered the stress caused to the Queen unforgivable

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Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry could be the biggest crisis for the British royal family in 50 years. The opinion was given to the program by Hugo Vickers, royal biographer Royal ExclusiveFrom The sun.

Initially, the the writer thought about the death of Princess Diana in a car accident in France in 1997. However, he showed uncertainty and pointed to the entry of the former American actress as a controversial episode in recent history.

“Well, 50 years doesn’t include the abdication, so I suppose Diana’s death in 1997 was the big turning point. But, at the risk of being controversial, will Meghan Markle’s arrival prove to be better in the long run? Who knows,” Vickers replied.

To explain your opinion, the The biographer highlighted the stress caused to Queen Elizabeth II in her final years of life. Meghan and the prince married in 2018, but officially stepped down from their royal roles in January 2020.

“What I find unforgivable is the stress he caused the late Queen in the last years of her life,” the author continued. The Queen died in 2022, aged 96.

While placing their wedding as a critical point in the recent history of the royal family, Vickers cited the day of the ceremony to underline his view of a peaceful start to the relationship compared to the years that followed.

“I find all this very interesting because I was in Windsor the day they were married, and the popularity and goodwill towards them was enormous,” the biographer added.

Despite the coverage of the ceremony, Meghan has faced criticism for her history. The former actress was already divorced and the daughter of a white father and black mother. In 2021, the couple gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey and revealed that there were concerns from the royals about the skin color of the couple’s first child, Archie of Sussex.

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