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With his daughters in school with a monthly fee of R,000, Rodrigo Faro says he wants to teach “humility”

With his daughters in school with a monthly fee of R$4,000, Rodrigo Faro says he wants to teach “humility”

For the presenter, the decision is to prevent them from talking to other students about their parents’ ‘helicopters’ and ‘boats’

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On Thursday 11th, a video of presenter Rodrigo Faro talking about his daughters and the schools where they study circulated on social media.

Two of Faro’s daughters attend the Mackenzie School in São Paulo, while the eldest attends college at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), also in the capital city of São Paulo. Both institutions are private and known for having expensive monthly fees.

The Mackenzie portal highlights that monthly fees range from R$ 3,605.00, for elementary school I (1st to 5th grade) to R$ 4,133.00, for high school students. The film course, taught by the presenter’s eldest daughter, at FAAP, has a monthly cost of R$ 5,340.00, according to the institution’s portal.

“People say, ‘Ah, put your children in the school that trains leaders.’ I said, ‘No, absolutely not.’ What will the conversation be like? ‘What helicopter does your father have? What boat does your father have? Does he have?’ No, I want them in a school where, in the same classroom, there are kids with scholarships, children of school employees, because they are all the same, so it is this type of teaching, and the main one: humility,” Faro said in an interview with the talk show Marçal Taks.

According to the presenter, the eldest daughter is ashamed to say Faro and uses the other surname. “I understand. She told me: ‘Dad, I don’t want to achieve results because I’m your daughter, I want to achieve results for my talent, for what I’ve learned.’ I said: ‘Exactly,’ she continued.

According to the presenter, his middle daughter will study journalism. He also appreciated the fact that he could study for his exams together with his youngest son, who is 11 years old. “I would give up anything in my life for a request from one of my daughters,” he concluded.

Source: Terra

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