12 Romantic Movies To Watch After “Keep Loving”

After the success of “Continência ao Amor”, on Netflix, meet other romantic and exciting films at the marathon

The film “Keep on loving” is making the biggest hit on Netflix. The novel, protagonist Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, captivated audiences and took first place in the top 10 in several countries, including Brazil.

In the novel, Cassie Salazar (Sofia) marries Luke (Nicholas), a military man about to go to war, for convenience. The young man ends up being seriously injured while serving in the country and, during his convalescence, begins to approach the singer-songwriter. Throughout history, they realize that they are in love.

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The story of the two young people has won the hearts of subscribers to the streaming platform and, with that in mind, we have put together a list of a few films that you will love as much as “Continence to Love”.

Discover the complete list:

feel the rhythm

The long one also stars Sofia Carson. She plays April, a dancer who ends up failing an audition for Broadway and decides to return to her small hometown. At home, she is invited to form a group of misfit young dancers for a big competition. Additionally, she still lives with her ex-boyfriend Nick (Wolfgang Novogratz).

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royal treatment

The romantic film follows the story of hairdresser Izzy (Laura Marano), who is invited to work on Prince Thomas’ (Mena Massoud) wedding. However, with coexistence, a passion begins to arise between him, and the boy is torn between his true duty and his true feelings.

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imperfect dancer

The film tells the story of shy Quinn Ackerman (Sabrina Carpenter). After telling a lie, the student must overcome her shyness and dance with her team to get a place in her dream university. Determined, she will enlist the help of her best friend and some excluded students to start a new dance team, in addition, the group will have the support of a highly regarded former choreographer, Jake Taylor (Jordan Fisher), who will joke with his heart. of the young woman.

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It just happens

Alex (Sam Claflin) and Rosie (Lily Collins) are inseparable friends who grew up together in London, sharing their best experiences. Their relationship begins to change when the young man wins a scholarship and moves to the United States. Separated, their paths become different, however, they somehow reconnect and they realize their feelings go beyond friendship.

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Love with a date

Tired of being alone on vacation and being pushed by family and friends to find love, Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey), two strangers, decide to make a pact and date on special occasions, without being involved. But after spending so much time together, the two begin to fall in love.

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through my window

Raque (Clara Galle) is completely in love with her neighbor, Ares (Julio Peña), a cold boy who lives in a completely different world. The two maintain no contact, however, which begins to change when Ares’ internet connection is interrupted and he decides to steal the neighbor’s wifi, which ends up bringing them closer and getting involved in a web of desire and love.

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StarStruck: My boyfriend is a Superstar

Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell) travels to Los Angeles to see her family and her sister, Sara Olson (Maggie Castle), dreams of meeting famous singer Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight). Even unwittingly, Jessica ends up meeting the star and together they embark on an adventure through the city, starting to like each other. But the young woman ends up being disappointed in Christopher when he returns home and hears him say in a television interview that she has never met her.

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With love, anonymous

The story of Valeria (Annie Cabello) and Ritchie (Harold Azuara) began after a text message was sent by mistake. Without knowing their true identities, this message brings out a great virtual friendship, awakening a taste of romance. What the anonymous couple don’t realize is that they know each other very well in real life and don’t get along at all.

I’m still here

The drama tells the story of supernatural love. In the film, Tessa (Joye King) loses the love of her life, Skylar (Kyle Allen), in a tragic accident. He cannot accept the loss of her beloved and begins to think that the boy is communicating with her from beyond. The young woman then begins to do everything to try to find him.

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A lucky man

Private Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) returns from the Iraq war with the certainty that the photograph of an unknown woman was his talisman during the conflict. During the film, he approaches the woman without telling her the truth and becomes involved in her life and with her family.

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Love in works

In the romantic comedy, Gabriela Diaz (Christina Milian) wins an inn in New Zealand after entering an internet competition. She tired of the life she leads in San Francisco, after ending a relationship, she leaves everything in the big city and starts living there to renovate her property, which, unlike the photo that was on the web, is totally destroyed. She meets a charming contractor, Jake Taylor (Adam Demos), and together the two transform the inn and see love blossom in their relationship.

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Rich in Love

The Brazilian film tells the story of Teto (Danilo Mesquita), a wealthy businessman known as “O Rei do Tomate”. The boy, who will soon inherit his father’s factory, falls in love with Paula (Giovanna Lancellotti), a determined young woman who is studying to become a doctor and is eager to become independent. Since he knows that the young woman does not like her fame very much, he has decided to lie and pretends to have a humble origin, however, these lies cause him to enter into a series of disagreements.

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