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Who is DJ Marshmello, artist who hides his face performs at Rock in Rio

The electronic music phenomenon has more than 29 million followers on Instagram

The mysterious Marshmello is one of the most anticipated attractions this Saturday 3 at Rock In Rio 2022

One of the main attractions of this Saturday, 3, of Rock In Rio, is Marshmello, the masked DJ who has become one of the most important artists of the electronic scene. With a show scheduled at the Mundo Stage, it will be the first time that Marshmello has performed in the City of Rock.

Dressed in white, with a kind of giant marshmallow on his head, with X-shaped eyes and a peculiar smile, the artist has conquered a legion of fans around the world since 2015. On the internet he became famous for a remix of the song. Where are you nowin Jack Ü with Justin Bieber.

Marshmello is among the 30 most listened to artists on Spotify and has more than 29 million followers on Instagram. One of her hits is Happier, a song she released with Bastille in 2019. Another hit, expected by fans at the rock festival, is OK Not Be OK, which Marshmello released with Demi Lovato last year. Bastille and Demi Lovato will also be at Rock In Rio 2022, however, on different days.

The artist’s identity is not officially confirmed and little is known about his origin. However, specialized websites link the artist to 30-year-old American DJ and music producer Chris Comstock known as Dotcom.

Upon his arrival in Brazil, on the morning of last Friday, 2, Marshmello was photographed wearing a sweatshirt and a sort of balaclava, of which only the eyes were visible. He didn’t stop for photos.

Marshmello arrived in Brazil last Friday, 2, to perform for the first time at Rock In Rio

Source: Terra

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