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Paula Fernandes broke into a journalist’s wedding; comprehend


Presenter Nadja Haddad revealed a funny story involving Paula Fernandes and her wedding party

Paola Fernandes attended the wedding of a journalist without being officially invited, that is, a crasher. Chatting for Podcalize, Nadja Haddad explained the situation.

At the party, a friend of the bride, who is also a singer, invited the country girl to come. It turns out that the day this friend was unable to go, but the singer went anyway.

He was extremely kind. He went up on stage and greeted me. She is not a friend of mine, but I understand that this moment is so rare for artists. Where you can eat, drink, relax“she said. The presenter also joked that the wedding was in a very distant place, but even so Paula Fernandes managed to get there.”I got married in Itatiba on a farm in the middle of the forest“, he mocked.

Journalist Nadja Haddad remembers the scare during coverage

Nadja also recalled when she was shot while she was a journalist and was on her way to a recording at Morro Dona Marta, Rio de Janeiro, in 2005. She explained that it all happened when she was in the car at the station where she worked and was shot. at that moment who was going to put on the bulletproof vest. “I was sure that one day they would shoot me“he reported, who said he thought about it a week earlier.

I gave it a try for my life. To make me wake up to life. For me to resign. For me to connect with myself and say yes to myself and no to others“He said. He also said that if he wore the vest, the bullet would be driven into his body. “The bullet would go in anyway and not go out. […] it passed within millimeters of my aorta and my spine. I could have been paraplegic or died “, completed. The presenter also reported the rush to go to the hospital and seek treatment. In fact, she had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

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