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Any Gabrielly announces departure from Now United and solo career


Singer Any Gabrielly has announced her departure from Now United. After five years and around 60 clips with the multinational singing group, she plans to start her solo career.

The announcement came after a blackout on the singer’s social media, which aroused the curiosity of fans. Back this Thursday (22/9), he posted a photo gallery with the group and a letter on Instagram to warn: “Yes !!! I will follow my solo career together with Simon Fuller, who has done a lot for me and has a lot as hard as I am. Closing chapters is always difficult but it also means we’re starting a new one. “

In addition to revealing that he will continue to work with the Now United manager, he warned that he could return to perform with the group on special occasions. Or at least once again, in a farewell show, which will take place in Brazil on November 19th, at the Allianz Parque stadium, in Sao Paulo, entitled “Forever United”. Sales will begin on September 27th.

Another interesting detail is that, with the departure of Any Gabrielly, Simon Fuller has also announced that he is looking for a new talent to represent Brazil in the group. And Any Gabrielly will be involved in the whole process of finding his replacement.

“My chapter with Now United was the most intense, beautiful and exciting of all. It was also my favorite,” he praised on Instagram. “I have fulfilled so many dreams, my life has changed in every imaginable way and I have been able to live it with the most talented, extraordinary and enlightened people who will forever be my family”

He took the opportunity to address the fans as well. “The coolest part about wheels: I met you guys! I was so lucky to meet such an amazing fan base that lifted me when I was down, gave me more love than I thought I deserved, and continues to support me in everything. It’s obvious to say it but I say it anyway: I wouldn’t be here without you. “

More details were shared on TikTok, where he said he will now move permanently to Los Angeles, aiming for an international career.

“Time to start this new chapter. I hope you at the shows are part of this story,” he added.

With 19 years, Any Gabrielly also collects works as an actress and voice actress. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she explained that she had prepared the group’s departure for a year and that she was looking for a new identity that reflects her maturity as an artist.

“I listened to my intuition and I am glad that there have been people who have trusted me. I have matured a lot over the years at Now United, and now I wanted to be able to have more freedom, however happy I was with what I was doing, I wanted to explore other areas as an artist. “

@anygabriellyofficial Time to start this new chapter. I hope you are part of this story at the shows 🤍✨ #NowUnitedForever @Now United ♬ original sound – Any Gabrielly

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