Kevin Trapp: the German goalkeeper is engaged to Izabel Goulart, a Brazilian model, and speaks Portuguese

The couple announced their engagement in July 2018 and usually exchange statements on social networks

THE Germany made its debut in World Cup in Qatar this Wednesday, 23, and protagonist of the second “zebra” of the World Cup. Leaving the Brazilians “happy” who still have not passed the memorable score of 7-1, the Japan he turned the game around and managed to beat the Germans 2-1.

Although, Kevin Trappigoalkeeper of the German national team, demonstrates that it is possible to overcome the “fairies” of the 2014 World Cup. The player also “wears the Brazilian shirt”: he is engaged to Izabel GoulartBrazilian supermodel who was once the angel of the brand Victoria’s Secretand speak portuguese.

Engaged since 2018, the couple lives on the air bridge between Paris, where Izabel lives, and in Germany, where Kevin works as a player. However, they never stop exchanging statements on social media.

On the day of the premiere in Germany, the model appeared wearing a country T-shirt with the groom’s name on it. She had previously stated that she will support the two teams through personalized nails that she created to attend the Cup.

“Football unites the world. I’m rooting for Brazil, come six,” she wrote in the post where she showed off her nails. “And show love and support to my fiancé and her country, who have always supported me throughout my career.”

In Portuguese, Kevin thanked the statement: “The support I have. How nice, I love you.”

Izabel also always supports Kevin in the games of Eintracht Frankfurtclub where the groom plays, based in frankfurt🇧🇷

In one of the matches won by the team, the model posted a video celebrating the goalkeeper’s victory. “You kept the penalty,” the Brazilian vibrated.

See other statements between the couple:

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