Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Lumena of “BBB 21” sues the condo after receiving a bag of feces

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The influencer Lumena Aleluia (from “BBB 21”) has decided to sue the condominium where she lives in the Osasco (SP) region after receiving a package with feces on the door of her apartment. She says she felt threatened by the “joke” of a resident of the same building.

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In an interview with the “Não é Nada Personal” podcast, the influencer explained that he did not suspect any specific neighbor. “Have I been rude to anyone?” he wondered.

“I iron the kids in the building, I kiss them, they gossip, because they want to know how ‘On vacation with the ex’ went [Salseiro Vip]🇧🇷 My life is so crazy that I get in my car, go through the streets of life, sometimes I come back from a party drunk and sleep. I only go home to sleep and take a shower,” she commented on living with the residents.

Lumena explained that the floor of her apartment does not contain security cameras so she could identify the perpetrator or the time the package was left at her door. “My attorney and I decided to go to court as a form of self-protection and we’ve been handling security. But so far we don’t have an individual.”

The influencer stressed that he had considered leaving the Osasco condominium after the uncomfortable situation. However, he believed he had invested a good amount in the apartment.

“I stayed there because I spent some money, I did some renovations. On the day, I thought about leaving, but I received legal support from my family – like it or not, it’s an apartment building close to my support network,” justified Lumena.

The former “BBB” concluded that other residents of the condominium have shown solidarity and have mobilized with notes and positions against the offender.

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