Thursday, December 8, 2022
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‘A Fazenda’ brawl reaches out to Twitter’s pedestrian admins

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The Twitter administrators of Pétala Barreiros have extended the mockery made on Wednesday evening (23/11) by the participant of “A Fazenda 14” to the administrators of Kerline Cardoso’s networks.

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During the PlayPlus live stream, Pétala stated that her sister Yanka would “catch” Kerline when she got out of prison. Employees of the former “BBB” reproduced the speech and were attacked by Pétala’s profile.

“Are you going to cry? Tell your mom everything, Popis,” they wrote, repeating a group A bullying line against Kerline.

In response, the Group B worker profile commented: “After you can no longer support the character, it must be based on fifth grade-style debauchery, right? Well, ask your sister, butterfly, that your speech does not t stick more”.

Then, Pétala’s profile posted the famous meme of the influencer crying on “BBB 21”.

Deborah Albuquerque, Kerline’s ally in “A Fazenda,” joined the commotion to fight back.

“They live on threats. What will your sister do with Kerline?” Deborah asked.

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