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From glamorous madness to safe haven: How 2000s icon Paris Hilton was able to settle down – but it was hard to believe

When we looked at Paris Hilton’s photo of the crazy zero parties, we couldn’t believe that one day the glamorous blonde would want a quiet life. But everything changes: now Paris is an exemplary wife and mother. Let’s see how far she has gone.

Paris Hilton has something to remember from her turbulent youth, but now she is an example of family happiness.

“The world’s socialite in a whirlwind of glamor

In the 2000s, Paris Hilton was the embodiment of a glamorous lifestyle: long platinum curls, tan, shiny makeup and the most fashionable outfits. Everyone copied her image – from ordinary students to Ksenia Sobchak. And, of course, not a single worthy holiday was complete without Paris – the heiress of the owner of a luxury hotel chain has always been at the center of events and in the spotlight. In 2008, she even received the title of “Socialite of the planet”.

Paris was looking for publicity, even scandal. With her friend Nicole Richie, she starred in the reality show The Simple Life, did not hide from the paparazzi when she left the next party with Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears in the morning, and even was arrested for drunk driving. Well, the culmination of a series of scandals was the leak of an intimate video of Paris with Rick Salomon, the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson, who the glam diva later met.

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The personal life of Paris, by the way, and without her was very stormy. She was clearly not looking for serious feelings at the time, as she changed boyfriends very often. Among Paris’s short hobbies were actor Edward Furlong, singer Nick Carter (by the way, he later called her “the worst person in the world), the heir to Greek billionaire Stavros Niarchos and many others. ‘others. Paris was engaged several times, but she was not ready for family life and the engagement was called off.

A Dark Secret: Psychological Trauma and School Sexual Abuse

From the outside, life in Paris looked like one continuous carefree vacation for many, but last year the star made some shocking claims that revealed the truth about what’s behind being a wealthy heiress in fact. Hilton opened up about a horrific experience she had at Provo Canyon boarding school when she was 16.

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Paris, like other students, was sexually harassed disguised as medical exams, given heavy drugs and suffered psychological pressure.

“My childhood was stolen from me,” Paris said at the time. Audiences have never seen such a glamorous diva – broken and vulnerable.

family happiness

In 2020, Paris unveiled another boyfriend, businessman Carter Reum. Longtime fans of fame no longer expected this relationship to end in anything serious, but Paris surprised everyone again. After the engagement, the glamorous blonde finally didn’t back down and said yes. In November 2021, Paris and Carter were married and in January 2023, with the help of a surrogate mother, their first child was born.

“I’ve always dreamed of being a mother and I’m so happy that Carter and I have found each other again. We are so happy to have started a family together, and our hearts are overflowing with love for our newborn baby,” said entrusted Paris, 41, during the first interview with the new status.

As you can see, all the tags attached to a person can fall off over time. It’s just that everyone needs their time to figure out what really makes them happy. Agree?

Source: The Voice Mag

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