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MC Daniel has decided to make the singles out there jealous! The singer posts photos next to Mel Maia with a declaration of love and the actress reciprocates: ‘Best boyfriend’

MC Daniel posted a long text message with a declaration of love for his girlfriend, Mel Maia.

MC Daniel enchanted followers declaring themselves a Mayan honey with a long text on Instagram. The singer posted a sequence of shots and videos with the actress and talked about it dating that the two took over in December of last year. MC Daniel and Mel have become one of the favorite couples of the followersentitled to cute statements and photos on social networks.

Read the entire declaration of love

Hey love. Today is not a memorial date or a special day, but for me it is, because every day has been special since I have you, and that changes and has changed everything in my life. The way of seeing the world, life, family, work, relationships. There is a life before Melissa and a life after Melissa… You, from an early age, demonstrate how talented you are in your work (hey, how hardworking you are).

Ever since I met your heart, the first night I fell in love with you without even kissing you, I promised myself that even if you wouldn’t accept me as your man, I would at least want to be your friend to show the world how amazing you are you was.

At first I didn’t expect to have the desire to create a future with you as a partner, but it was inevitable, the way you talk, how you walk, how you dress, your looks, your manners, your voice, your personality , it hooked me to you in a way that I swore never to submit again,” Daniel continued. “But it was uncontrollable, and before I knew it, I was already 200% yours in mind, body, spirit. and in the soul.

I just wanted to thank you…

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