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“Little heartbreaker”: Laysan Utyasheva revealed facts about her daughter on her birthday


Laysan Utyasheva, 36, shared rare family photos on her social media this morning. Note that the gymnast and TV presenter rarely shows them with the 43-year-old presenter and comedian Pavel Volya of children. This time, for the first time, she immediately published a series of photos of her daughter Sofia, who turned 7 years old on May 5. We have already seen some of the pictures, but some have remained only in the family archive until this moment. On the occasion of the past holiday, she accompanied the pictures with a big post, in which she spoke in more detail about the habits and character of the birthday girl.

It turns out that Sophia was born in just 15 minutes on May 5, 2015 at 5:55 am, which sounds absolutely magical. According to Utyasheva, Sofia is incredibly inquisitive and loves active sports, such as tennis, but on principle she refuses to do rhythmic gymnastics. The star mother also calls the girl a “little heartbreaker”, because her peers are already asking for dates with might and main. Also, the baby collects Pokemon, reads regularly and … often sings in the shower.

  1. Born in 15 minutes (she is always very fast now)
  2. Date and time of birth – 5.05 at 5:55 (thanks for not 5 kg!)
  3. The first word is “mom”, the second is “give”. So it turned out “Mom, give!” (so I give all my life and I want to give as long as I can)
  4. Fundamentally does not want to go to rhythmic gymnastics
  5. Loves tennis
  6. Loved reading
  7. Collects Pokémon
  8. There was a period “I want everything pink”, and now – “I don’t want everything pink” (girls are such girls)
  9. And yes, the boy is already calling us. The heartbreaker is growing – this is a fact.
  10. Loves to sing in the shower… very loud.

What else can I say, as a mother in love! Dad and I love you very much. Happy birthday, daughter! Happy birthday, love! Be healthy and happy, and we are there, – wrote Laysan.

Recall that in addition to Sofia, the couple has a son, 9-year-old Robert. Laysan and Volya met at a social event. At first, a strong friendship arose between the TV presenters, which later grew into a more serious feeling. At the end of 2012, the lovers secretly got married, which the fans learned about only a year later.

In mid-May last year, young parents also publicly congratulated their son on his birthday and shared rare photos of him.

Source: Hellomagazine

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