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Lyn May criticizes Lorena Herrera for having a “well CURRENT” wardrobe: she responds

Lin Mei he was direct when criticizing his wardrobe Loren Herrerawhich he characterized as “common good”.

Before her statements, the aforementioned did not remain silent and defended herself against the legendary star.

Lorena Herrera responds to Lyn May

A few days ago, Lyn May was interviewed by the Mexican morning newspaper “Venga la alegría” where she criticized Lorena Herrera’s wardrobe.

“Lorena is cute, she’s beautiful, but then she pulls one out clothes that cost a thousand pesos ($55) a dress“, said the 70-year-old artist.

“Why don’t they spend on wardrobe? It’s a dress, dammit. with a very ordinary cloth. The world does not deserve this,” he charged.

The same show sought out Lorena Herrera to respond and she responded categorically to the feud this Wednesday, March 1.

“When one has such a right perch, You don’t need to invest so much in production“, he argued.

“But when there is no hanger you have to spend the millions in signs. Thank God, I don’t invest that much, but what I buy looks good to me,” said the actress.

Lorena Herrera asks Lyn May tough questions

Specifically for Lin May, the singer also made harsh hints about the criticism she received from her.

“Does he know how much my suits cost? Does he pay them? See my invoices? I don’t think so,” he said.

“I think sometimes Lyn May says things just to create sensation“, he explained, “and I think we all know that by now.”

“She’s lovely and you love her because she always gives you something to talk about, but sometimes when she talks, I think it’s better to do it with bases,” he said.

Lorena Herrera isn’t the only artist to be slammed by Lyn May recently.

Last January, vendetta referred to Karol G like “fat lady”. In addition, in May 2022 he had already commented on the Colombian’s physique, saying that “it’s very even, it looks like a tamale”.

It is also known old lawsuit between Lyn May and Niurka Camposwho has called her “ugly”.

Source: univision