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Media: Princess Charlene pledged to go out with Prince Albert for 12 million euros a year


Since the end of April, Princess Charlene of Monaco has already appeared in public twice: first, she attended the race with her husband and children. Formula E World Championship, and last Saturday appeared in the tournament Rugby Sainte Devote. Both exits were loudly discussed both in the principality and far beyond its borders, noting, to put it mildly, the gloomy mood of Her Ladyship. If at the first event Charlene was completely sad, then at the second she tried to smile, although it was difficult for her to do so.

Fans of the princess again began to worry about her physical and psychological health and speculate what was the matter: in her well-being or the situation in the family behind the closed doors of the palace? Some European media tried to answer these questions. Two publications at once with a difference of a couple of days published exclusive materials – both claim that Charlene began to appear in public again because of the contract between her and her husband. According to the French tabloid Voici, Charlene “forced her husband to sign a top-secret contract,” which, among other things, contains a very “expensive” condition – 12 million euros a year for accompanying Albert at all public events.

But the princess did not return free of charge, the text of the Voici article reads. She forced her husband to sign an ultra-confidential contract.

And Paris Match Belgium adds that under this contract, Charlene will attend all high-profile events and international ceremonies with the royal family, thereby continuing to perform official duties and create the appearance of a strong marriage:

Prince Albert himself pays the princess a decent amount so that she appears next to him at public events, writes Paris Match Belgium.

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco has not yet responded to these publications.

Recall, toPrincess Charlene of Monaco left the country in February last year – she went to Africa on a mission to help wild animals and visited various nurseries and zoos, but at the end she could not return home due to severe ear infections. She underwent several surgeries, and doctors banned long flights due to pressure in her ears. During this time, Charlene missed several important events, including 10th anniversary weddings. However, her husband visited twice princess in South Africa with children despite rumors about the upcoming divorce.

In November 2021, Charlene finally returned to Monaco, but not for long – a few days later she left the principality again. Questioned by journalists, Albert II explained that his wife is “in a secret place” where she will “rest” and recover “from fatigue, including physical.”

She is better, but she still needs peace and more peace. She is not in Monaco, but we will be able to visit her very soon. I can’t say anything more. There is some fatigue, not only physical, which can only be cured by rest and appropriate observation, the media quoted the prince.

According to a number of European media reports, which have not been refuted by officials, she received treatment at the closed Paracelsus Recovery facility in Zurich. They anonymously treat drug, alcohol and other addictions caused, for example, by medications, eating disorders, and mental disorders.

Source: Hellomagazine

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