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Nodal and his parents appear in the prosecution for DECLARATION OF FRAUD

Christian Nodal and his parents, Jaime González and Cristy Nodal, attended the afternoon of March 17 at The Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico (FGR) will appear for his charge alleged fraud filed by Universal Music on February 22, 2022 against them.

According to Mexican media outlets such as El Universal, Infobae and Radio Fórmula, the family discreetly arrived at the property to avoid being seen by the press, arriving in the middle of a security apparatus.

According to the information released, Christian and his parents spent several hours in front of the Federal Public Ministry to give their respective statements.

“Christian Nodal and his parents, Silvia Nodal and Jaime González, went to the FGR to give their testimony in the investigation file consisting of alleged procedural fraud. They were there for several hours and entered from a parking lot,” it said. Televisa Espectáculos.