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Shakira would have surprisingly traveled with her children to Colombia before Pique took them

Shakira would have been last weekend in his native Colombia, where he moved from Miami with two children, Milan (10) and Sasha (8).

The surprise trip would have happened just days after his ex Gerard Pique is moving from Barcelona to the USA on June 2 to take the children and take them with him to Spain and spend the summer with them, according to journalist Lorena Vázquez from the shows “Y ahora Sónsoles” and El Periodico de Catalunya.

The details of Shakira’s alleged trip to Colombia with her children

Before Shakira said goodbye to her children for most of the summer, the singer would have decided to travel to her country and take the minors with her.

According to a report by Colombian network Caracol Radio on Tuesday, May 30, the singer ” he was for almost 72 hours in his hometown of Barranquilla managing to go unnoticed’ with the children.

This would have happened last weekend as the artiste reportedly arrived in her country on Friday, May 26.

“He stayed at a property in tourist area of ​​Caño Dulce30 minutes from the city,” the report says.

The radio station assured that the main reason for the surprise trip was the visit made by the interpreter to her father, Mr. William Mebarakwho has been in declining health for the past year.

The information released is that Shakira would be with her father in a ‘private meeting’ was held with “the presence of several of the Mebarak brothers”.

The singer’s father is 91 years old. In May 2022, just days before his famous daughter and now-ex announced their split, the man fell at her home and hit his head, suffering “trauma.”

In October of that year he was readmitted and spent almost a month there, according to the Spanish press. Obviously, Don William would have undergone another surgery last February when he was still living in Barcelona with Shakira.

Shakira has not taken to her social networks to deny or confirm her alleged visit to Colombia, but what she did do was post new photos and images with her parents on Wednesday night, May 31.

“A smile from you is my weakness”he wrote on Instagram along with the images in which he sees himself living lovingly with his father and mother, Mrs. Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado.

It is not clear if the photos correspond to the alleged trip she made to her country last weekend. There is also no official update on the current one The health status of Shakira’s fatheralthough Caracol Radio confirmed that the man’s condition is “stable”.

According to the radio station, there would be photos “where Milan and Sasha are seen sharing with a group of children during the meal, apparently at the Country Club, in the north of Barranquilla” last weekend.

The portal El Colombiano added that Shakira would have arrived in Barranquilla “on a private plane”.

The singer would already be returning to Miami because ex Pique would arrive for her children this Friday to take them to Europe, as reported by Lorena Vázquez in “Y ahora Sónsoles” on May 30.

Previously, the co-host of the famous show business podcast ‘Mamarazzis’ had assured that the children would not be with their mother again until next September when they go back to school in Miami.

He custody agreement that exists between Shakira and Piqué He would determine that he can be with his children during all school holidays, as reported by the reporter.

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