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Iza appears with a clean face and amazes fans with her natural beauty: ‘More beautiful even without makeup’. Photography!

Iza emerged with a clean face to celebrate her boyfriend Yuri Lima’s romantic gift. Check it out in the photo gallery above!

iza is another of the famous to become an expert on the necessary trend publish photos with a clean face on the web. The singer appeared without makeup to display a very heartfelt gift boyfriend, footballer Yuri Lima.

Iza posed with a clean face in front of the mirror and with three flower arrangements written with “Iza, Dona de Mim. I love you.” The singer, who recently, she was spotted with her hair natural at an airport, still appeared in cropped and panties, dancing very serelepe in front of the present. “I wish you a Friday as hot as you. Good morning, talisman!” Wrote the singer, tagging her boyfriend in the publication.

Iza’s publication was full of comments highlighting the singer’s beauty and Yuri’s affectionate gift. “You are even more beautiful without makeup,” wrote one internet user. “Even without makeup, she still looks gorgeous,” another profile said. “Yuri won,” commented a young man. “I prefer my Friday to be as hot as you are,” joked Sheron Menezes. Access the photo gallery above and don’t miss a single click!


Iza and Yuri date very discreetly and little is known about the intimacy of the couple. In one of the few times she spoke openly about the relationship, the singer said she met the boy through Instagram.

“I think he’s sexy! I started exchanging ideas with him on the internet. Met him on Instagram. Months after I posted on my separation[conilpro[comopro[conilpro[comopro

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