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Why did Deolane Bezerra’s mother throw up on live podcast?

Solange Bezerra fell ill during her participation in “Podcats”, hosted by Camila Loures and Lucas Guimarães. Watch the video and understand!

We barely get through OR episode “Deolane Bafuda” on Google and the Bezerra family already has a new case of an eschatological nature to hand down: the matriarch of the family, Dona Solange, vomited live during her participation in the “Podgatti”conducted by Camila Loures and Lucas Guimarães.

But in the end what happened? If you don’t want to watch the footage, here’s a quick summary. It all happened when the topic of the interview was sex. Solange was asked what her favorite position would be. She tried to dodge the question, but one of her daughters, Dayanne, hinted that her mother likes “mommy and daddy.”

Amazed by the answer, Solange squirted out a strong jet of yellow liquid. It was Dayanne herself who helped her mother and gave her the papers to clean up, while the other sisters watched without quite understanding what had happened. “She IS ill,” the lawyer retorted. Lucas tried to lighten the mood and said it was normal for this to happen. “This is normal, Ms. Solange, for God’s sake,” said the presenter.


After the initial scare, Solange confessed that she felt sick all day. “I had already vomited before leaving the house,” said the matriarch. According to Dayanne, the culprit of the malaise would be the diet pills that her mother was taking.

“He takes medicine to lose weight. You will not take this weight loss medicine againI can’t take it anymore, I’ll throw it all f…

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