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Preta Gil celebrates birthday reflecting on life: ‘I no longer fight alone’

‘The past is gone, I live the present of existing here and now’, celebrated

Black Gil he turned 49 this Tuesday 8. On Instagram, the artist celebrated his birthday with a reflection on his trajectory and the “near death” experience.

Earlier this year, the singer was diagnosed with bowel cancer. “Life is a gift and many times we don’t realize how beautiful it is to be alive and become more evolved beings over time”, he began.

“I say this because I myself, for a long time, have concentrated my existence on running, working to conquer material things, that is, empty and superficial, facing the great lesson of simple being, which this master life wanted to teach me. death and battling a very difficult disease, I have talked to God many times and we have talked about the purpose of this second chance,” he wrote.

Preta then reflected on her purpose in life: “Today I am here, I turn 49 of a life full of battles, many victories, much love, few disappointments, ready to keep fighting and to be freer from chains every day, dogmas , limiting beliefs and prejudices”.

“I want to reiterate that I came here to serve joy, peace and love. I have a lot to do and I am grateful for everything that has happened. I realized that I no longer fight alone, I have the loyalty of my friends, the my fan and family. Today I know that together we are infinite. The past is gone, I live the present of existing here and now, and confident that my future will be even better,” she concluded.

Source: Terra