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What did Yolanda Ciani, actress of Alborada, die of? They report that her son would have beaten her

The entertainment world went into mourning on September 3 with the death of Yolanda Ciani, actress of ‘Alborada’, aged 85.

Although the relatives of the former actress reported that she died due to “deterioration” of her health, now it is reported that his son would have abused and physically abused him.

Antonio Nieto, journalist of the N+ news program “Despierta”, reported that The Mexico City Attorney General’s office is investigating Yolanda Ciani’s son for alleged physical violence.

He even assured that two people had already appeared at the Prosecutor’s Office to report the events of which the actress would be a victim and that, supposedly, would cause his health to deteriorate.

“Actress Yolanda Ciani’s son is being investigated for violence against her. The actress died this Sunday when two people went to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to report her son Luis Alberto for physical attacks that could cause Ciani’s health to deteriorate,” the journalist wrote along with several photos of the interpreter on April 4 . September in x

What did Yolanda Ciani die of?

According to TVyNovelas, relatives of Yolanda Ciani reported that the actress died at the age of 85 due to a “deterioration” of her health. However, they did not specify the reasons that would lead her to this situation.

“Her ordeal is over, her son has been beating her for the last few years, she broke one hip three years ago and the other in mid-August. I am making this comment to hope that it can be investigated what really happened around her death because she was already confined and depressed for years, ”the magazine reports.

So far, The relatives of the actress have not commented on it. and they have not revealed the cause of his death either.

Who Was Yolanda Ciani?

Yolanda Ciani was born on January 25, 1938 in Chihuahua. Her debut as an actress took place in the late 50s in the cinema, right in the so-called Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

Several soap operas were also added to his film career, including “Alborada” (2005), “Tomorrow is forever” (2008) and “Immortal Heart” (2013), which would become the last of his career. Well, some time later he became the General Secretary of the National Association of Actors (ANDA).

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