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Luisa Sonza denies rumors that she paid Demi Lovato to sing on her album: ‘I’ll do something’

On social media, Internet users speculate that the Brazilian woman paid a lot of money to complete the partnership.

Luisa Sonza she was angered by the insinuation that she had paid to have Demi Lovato in the duet of the song “Penhasco2”. Internet users began to speculate that the Brazilian paid a lot of money to complete the partnership. Shocked, Luísa took to social media to deny the rumors.

“Unfortunately I’m sorry to tell you, he didn’t charge you anything. And see if you’re going to do something with your life and maybe you can get close to where I’m at,” Sonza fired back at one Internet user. on X (formerly Twitter).

They sang together in concert

It’s worth mentioning that the two sang together at The Town and Demi announced the partnership on her Instagram.

On the occasion of the release of the album “Escândalo Íntimo”, Demi also saved a post written by Luísa in 2019, in which she said “I love Demi Lovato”. In the rescue, made in the stories, the American replied: “I love you too”.

Source: Terra

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