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Andressa Urach is scared by lightning on a plane and tells her son to ask for ‘forgiveness of sins’

Former Fazenda Andressa Urach had a big scare this Tuesday morning (26/9). He vented on social media that the plane where his son, Arthur Urach, was with was struck by lightning.

In her Instagram stories, the model described the panic: “Lightning hit our plane, there was a noise and a flash. How scary! We’re fine,” she wrote.

“During the flight, Arthur was sleeping and I was awake when lightning struck the plane. God is very good because he kept us, but it was a horrible noise, a horrible flash. I woke Arthur up and said ‘Arthur wake up, ask for the forgiveness of your sins that if we die we are saved.” And he’s “fine” and has fallen back asleep. The peace of those who are sure of salvation, right?”, added Andressa, who landed in Sao Paulo.

Andressa has returned to attending an evangelical church in Porto Alegre after having recent health problems.

Source: Terra